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Featured Article / Review
K.I.C.K. Program
by Rosey Grier

  • A Karatedo instructor passes on a winning philosophy in addition to winning moves

    Sensei Vassie Naidoo likens life to an empty glass that we fill with experiences and knowledge. In Vassie Sensei's case, that glass was first filled by a heroic karate instructor in his native South Africa. In essence, Vass...... full article
  • Articles
    剛柔流 Editors Commentary (16)
    Over the years the editors of Gojuryu.net and the Gojuryu Network have produced a multitude of excellent reading.
    剛柔流 Geneologies (22)
    We all share the same roots in our lineage of Gojuryu. Many of us come from branches that have grown differently. Some branches have grown strong and some are weak however it is not in our hands to cr
    剛柔流 Historical Interviews (1)
    Historical Interviews capture moments in the minds of people in the past that we might not have otherwise had the opportunity to know.
    剛柔流 Historical Translations (12)
    Never being forgotten, Historical Translations offer us the opportunity to experience the teaching not available to us today.
    剛柔流 Kata (13) 剛柔流 Modern Day Interviews (9)
    We don't always have the opporutnity to meet those or even communicate with those we wish we could better communicate with. Why learn a foreign language when we have opportunity to gain important.
    剛柔流 Modern Day Translations (1)
    A multitude of data, research and information has become available in todays modern internet driven world. We've taken up the challenge of providing translations for the betterment of Gojuryu Kara
    剛柔流 Submissions (22)
    None of are capable of knowing all there is to know of Gojuryu or Karatedo. Therefore we not only need submissions however must accept submissions or articles as they come along and we welcome your in
    剛柔流 Techniques (7)
    The founder Chojun Miyagi Sensei defined essence of Karatedo as that "Karatedo is a measure to train your body and mind, to keep in shape and to protect yourself in a dangerous situation."
    空手 Poetic Karatedo (7)
    A specific category for Martial Artists in General to post Poetry and prose for all to enjoy and leard from.
    空手道 Biographies (29)
    By individuals and in no particular order. The leaders of Karatedo and Gojuryu in general. These people have helped create and mold our style to what it is today and their input will without a doubt i
    空手道 Self Defense & Safety (3)
    Submit articles pertaining to "Personal Safety", "Self-Defense" or "Awareness" as well as anything that encompasses titles like these.
    Dojo Kun - Showa (11)
    剛柔流 Dojo Kun - Showa 唱和: By Kaiha, Dojo Kun are spoken to help members and participants to strive and further personal obligations to themselves.
    Glossary - Vocabulary (9)
    This is an ever evolving glossary of vocabulary words and terms applicable to Gojuryu, Karatedo and Budo.
    Online Stores Support (2)
    Use these pages for reference to the online stores.


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